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5 Tech Wearables To Get You Through Winter

Time to brace yourself and get smart

Anne Parsons
5 Tech Wearables To Get You Through Winter© 2018 aptmetaphor - Flickr

Don't shoot the messenger, but Winter's just around the corner - at least in my neck of the woods.

Last Winter was bitingly cold at -15' C (5'F), and I distinctly remember choosing gloves over replying to a text everytime I was out and about. 

This year I'm all for being prepared and getting geared up to stay connected, and smug...I mean snug.

1. Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

These touchscreen gloves are essentials for the winter ahead - they have silver-coated nylon fibers to communicate with your phone, so you never have to take your gloves off again to answer a call or to send a message. They're pretty reasonsbly priced too.

2. Smart Scarf 

Addmittedly this 'smart' scarf is a bit gimmicky, but that's probably why I like it. It has a thermochromatic snowflake design which means snowflakes appear on your scarf when it gets really cold. Designed by self-proclaimed tech geek designer Diana Eng.

3. North Face Men's Hustle Audio Jacket 

This winter warmer allows you to safeguard your MP3 player in a designated media pocket during cold days on the slopes or about town. You can use a joystick on the sleeve of the jacket to change the song or up the volume.

4. UGG Earmuff Headphones

These "muffphones" are cute earmuffs that double up as headphones. You can't beat sheepskin for warmth.

5. Wellies That Charge Your Phone

You'll definitely need wellies to navigate around the slushy snow this Winter - and why not charge your phone at the same time?


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