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5 Things Apple Is Hiding From Us About The Apple Watch

Apple is keeping us all in the dark!

Michael Cruickshank
5 Things Apple Is Hiding From Us About The Apple Watch© 2019 Apple

Apple unveiled yesterday its long-awaited wearable device - the Apple Watch. While we were treated to large amounts of information about how the device looks, as well as how its new UI will run, they also chose to hide some facts from us. Read our list below of 5 areas in which Apple has left us in the dark regarding its new Apple Watch!

1. Screen Resolution

Apple has promised that the Apple Watch will feature a so-called Retina Display. However, what actual resolution this will translate to when applied to the watch is completely up in the air. Unlike HD or Full HD, Retina is purely a marketing term, and does not relate to any fixed resolution or pixel density.

2. Battery Life

The biggest omission from Apple’s keynote was any word of the battery life of the Apple Watch or its charging time. This is a huge deal for users, as, should the watch not have enough power for a full day of use, than it could be incredibly inconvenient to use. As well, should the inductive charging function on the device be too slow, then it too could cause problems.

Image: © 2014 Apple

3. Level of Water Resistance

While other smartwatches have featured varying degrees of waterproofing, Apple refrained from giving us any information on this fact during its keynote. We would like to know what the exact IP rating of the Apple Watch is, and we would hope that it is equally as waterproof as its competitors.

4. Processor Speed

Despite processor speed not being as important as it is on a smartphone, smartwatches still nonetheless require adequate processor speed in order to smoothly run the UI and apps. As yet, we have no information on the clock speed, number of cores, or amount of RAM in the Apple Watch’s new S1 chipset.

Image: © 2014 Apple

5. Release Date

We knew that the Apple Watch will be delayed, but we were at least hoping that Apple could give us a concrete date for its release to the market. Instead, all Apple could tell us is that the Apple Watch will be available in Early 2015. What this means, we don’t know, however, should the delay be too long, Apple’s competitors could steam ahead with new products which would leave the Apple Watch looking like an aging fad.


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