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5 Ways Your Smartphones Will Change In The Next Decade

What’s next for our smartphones?

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Let’s admit it: we can’t leave our homes without our smartphone or else we’ll feel—well—empty, because all personal data, our source of information and entertainment is all in there. Smartphones are truly one of the best things that happened to the human race. And as years go by, our smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter that we tend to depend our lives on it. Here’s how your smartphones will change in the next decade.

  1. It will be your personal assistant

Apple’s introduction of Siri (an intelligent e-agent) was one of the most revolutionary events in technology. And as years pass, Siri has proven its efficiency towards catering to your wants and needs everyday. It knows your likes, dislikes, and it also knows relative information about you. With that, it is safe to say that within the next decade, your intelligent e-agent will potentially become your personal assistant. Also, forget talking to faceless voice. Your phone assistant will have a face when you are looking at the screen and a personality that you prefer.

  1. Smartphones will not have screens

It will be a touch-less, screen-less future for our smartphones. Will be able to send messages and emails, surf the Internet and even play video games without touching anything. With Google glass and smart contact lenses already available for our use, in the next decade, we can control everything hands-free!

  1. Augmented Reality will make our lives easier

With the use of Augmented Reality (AR), we will be able to see live images of a scene in front of us while overlaying AR app on the screen to give specific details to that image. For example, if you’re shopping for shoes with a specific brand, just point your smartphone camera to any malls or stores and it will tell you if the item that you’re looking for is available there. Now that’s a great solution for those shoppers who are always in a hurry!

  1. 360-degree display and 360-degree web browser…

And you won’t be needing expensive smart glasses for this one. Instead of viewing web pages on your phone, you’ll be able to go into environments such as shopping malls, stores, or showrooms and maneuver around them. This will truly be a game-changer for businesses.

  1. Your smartphone will become your wallet

We are predicting cashless transaction in the next decade and it will be absolutely convenient. As we are now starting to see the efficiency of purchasing products online, soon, we’ll be needing our credit cards and paper money less and less, and will be using our phones for payment methods. How? Via fingerprints, voice recognition, and face scan. Once your smartphone confirms your identity through its security system, you won't need to fill out that peeving list of information required in every payment we transact now. It will be a quick scan, buy, and go!

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