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5 Websites To Help You Code

Computer Science Education Week reaches out to students K-12

Nicole Billitz
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In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, President Obama kicked off the Hour of Code 2014 program by giving a speech from the Whitehouse. In fact, Obama has made a staunch position on the importance of computer science lately. Just last week during the 92 annual White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony, over 300,000 young people, primarily female, teamed up with Google’s Made with Code campaign to code the lights on the Whitehouse Christmas trees.

Initiatives like Made with Code from Google are attempts to interest women and other minorities in the ever rising tech field. Apple will also participate in the Hour of Code on December 11, and for hour in every Apple location across the globe will give a demonstration of coding basics.

For everyone wanting to delve into the world of coding, here are 5 cool websites that will show you how, especially for little coders!

  1. Code.org also has a mission to give women and people of color the access to coding languages. The exercises are structured to look like games, but they end up giving the building blocks of how to code.
  2. Codeacademy is particularly interesting because you write one line of code and immediately see the result. Students can design their own websites with HTML, CSS and learn Javascript.
  3. CodeHS is a curriculum designed specifically for highschool students.
  4. Khan Academy breaks down Javascript in a visual environment.
  5. CS First is a free curriculum from Google that uses online projects and tutorials designed for elementary and middle schoolers.
  6. Bonus! Team Treehouse costs $25 for a basic plan and $49 for a pro plan, but it has exclusive workshops, interviews, and special tracks like web design and iOS development.



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