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5 Worst Gimmicks of The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has some really silly features

Anne Parsons
5 Worst Gimmicks of The Apple Watch© 2018 Apple

1. Make Your Own Emojis

There was a resonating groan from anyone 25+ yesterday when Tim Cook rolled out the 'make your own emoji' feature. Not only is it totally lame, unless you're replying with a happy smiley face, the emoji has the potential to look really, really creepy.

This is what it is supposed to look like:

This is what it will end up looking like:

2. Heartbeat

With Apple Watch, you can share your heartbeat with someone wearing an Apple Watch nearby. This is either the stuff of 21st century sci-fi romance OR a creepy new way of sexting. Either way, gimmick.

3. Apple tells you when it is a good idea to, erm, stand. 

This particular gimmick is going to make erstwhile normal situations turn weird - meetings, having a coffee or watching a movie with a friend. You know there are going to be those obediant Apple freaks who will leap up suddenly, and pace around the room looking sheepish. They wont want to tell you why. But you'll know. 

4. Sketch

This gimmick is laugh-out-loud stupid. I don't really see how a crappy sketch of something in lieu of an actual message is going to make things LESS confusing. 


5. Solar System Stuff

This might be news to most tech geeks, but the majority of the population don't really give a flying boot about the solar system and other cosmic events. Personally I like pictures of galaxies and stars, but I don't really think I'll ever feel the need to check where abouts I am in the universe on any given day. It's a novelty that will wear off faster than that go-pro you bought for your dog.

 Any other gimmicks I've missed? Comment below. 

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