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6 Action Cams For Your Winter Holiday Adventures

Don’t leave home without one of these!

Michael Cruickshank
6 Action Cams For Your Winter Holiday Adventures© 2023 Flickr - Gordon Tarpley

1. Polaroid Cube

Better known for their analogue, fast developing film, Polaroid is also branching out into small action cams. The Cube is both lightweight, cheap and waterproof, as well as featuring a magnet built into its base allowing it to be easily fixed to metal surfaces.

Image: © 2014 Polaroid

2. Garmin VIRB Elite

Despite being rather hefty for an action cam, the Garmin VIRB Elite is one of the best buys on this list. Not only does it take superb low-light Full HD footage, it is also feature packed with GPS, altimeter, radio and accelerometer features.  

Image: © 2014 Garmin

3. Liquid Image Ego Mini

Colorful and lightweight, the Liquid Image Ego Mini nonetheless packs a punch. With its 12MP camera it is able to take HD footage in 60fps and Full HD in 30fps.

Image: © 2014 Liquid Image

4. GoPro Hero 4 Black

Released just last week, the GoPro Hero Black has redefined the action cam. Currently it is the only mass market device in its category which can take 4K video at 30fps. Furthermore, it can take amazing Full HD footage at 120fps.

Image: © 2014 GoPro

5. Drift Ghost S

Another somewhat more chunky addition to this family of action cams, the Drift Ghost S is a marked improvement on its predecessor. Not only does it feature an easily navigable LCD display, it also has the best battery life of any action cam currently on the market.

Image: © 2014 Drift Innovation

6. Rollei Actioncam S-50

Despite looking suspiciously similar to the GoPro, the Rollei Actioncam S-50 is nonetheless highly functional. As well as featuring a rear LCD display, it also can easily clip into a standard tripod, while it shoots Full HD footage.

Image: © 2014 Rollei


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