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6 Android Phones That Beat The iPhone 6

Don't get the iPhone... please.

Roselle Jean Dancel
6 Android Phones That Beat The iPhone 6© 2018 Digital Trends

Apple has always been seemingly dominating the world. I mean, it's pretty scary if you think about it: they have ONE phone and they rely on regular software updates made available to almost EVERY iPhone user. It feels like they can dominate the world with just one click.They do, for a fact, have an awesome operating system, which everyone seems to see as user-friendly, and very uncomplicated to use. If you're an iPhone user, you would vouch for this. When using your device, everything just seems in place. Despite Apple's efforts to use their iOS to boost the iPhone 6's (or any iPhone model before that) popularity, you have to realize how crappy the phone itself is: bad camera, bad resolution, recurring problems with charging and performance. It just really sucks, specs-wise.

Apple has always been the hero in the tech universe. But now, you have to see its evil ways of dominating the world with its cool iOS, but shitty, suckish handhelds.review animated GIF Android saves the day with its customization, widgets, multitasking, and advanced performance features. What's also cool about the Android is that they have a vast pool of phone options, which is great cause users can actually pick a phone specific to what they're looking for. If you want something with a good camera, you can get a Samsung or Sony! Unlike the iPhone, which you'll just have to deal with its crappy 8 MP rear camera.

People have to see through the iPhone. Here are 6 Android handhelds that'll make you realize that iPhone's not the only option:

1. Samsung Galaxy AlphaSamsung Galaxy Alpha.jpegOS: Android 5.0

Storage: 32GB

Battery: 1860 mAh

Resolution: 1280 x 720p

Camera (Front): 2.1 MP

Camera (Back): 12 MP

2. Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung S6.jpgOS: Android 5.0

Storage: 32/64/128 GB

Battery: 2550 mAh

Resolution: 1440 x 2560p

Camera (Front): 5 MP

Camera (Back): 16 MP

3. LG G4LG G4 Models.jpgOS: Android 5.1

Storage: 32 GB

Battery: 3,000 mAh

Resolution:  1440 x 2560p

Camera (Front): 8 MP

Camera (Back): 16 MP

4. HTC One M9OS: Android 5.0

Storage: 32 GB

Battery: 2840 mAh

Resolution: 1,920 x 1080p

Camera (Front): 4 MP

Camera (Back): 20.7 MP

5. OnePlus 2OS: Android 5.1.1

Storage: 16/64 GB

Battery: 3,300mAh

Resolution: 1080p

Camera (Front): 5 MP

Camera (Back): 13 MP

6. Moto X PlayOS: Android 5.1.1

Storage: 16/32GB

Battery: 3,630 mAH

Resolution: 1080p

Camera (Front): 5 MP

Camera (Back): 21 MP

These phones can do what the iPhone can't: utilize its complicated, yet impressive operating system to make the phones [listed above] deliver optimum performance and make users have the full, and great Android experience!

Next time, you see an iPhone, think about it first. 

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