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6 Hidden Secrets of Google Maps

If you look hard enough, who knows what you’ll find!

Michael Cruickshank
6 Hidden Secrets of Google Maps© 2018 Wikipedia Commons

1. Area 51 UFO

When you find the location of the notorious Area 51 in the Nevada desert, and then hope for the slim chance that there will be Street View there, you will be sadly disappointed. What does happen however, is that the Street View ragdoll man changes into a UFO when you hover it over the site.

2. The White House

While you can’t see inside Area 51, you can get inside another of the most highly secure places on Earth - The White House. Tour around this famous building as you would any regular street, and see the luxury which the President lives among.


Doctor Who’s famous time travelling spaceship, the TARDIS was accessed through an innocuous police phone booth. One can be found on Google Street view, and then if you click on the right spot, you can enter and explore the lair of the Time Lord himself.

4. Antarctica View

If you take a trip to Half Moon Island in Antarctica via Google Maps, you can find the only place on this continent which is covered by Google’s Street View. Watch out for ice and hoards of nearby penguins (and tourists).

5. Loch Ness Monster

The Scottish lake of Loch Ness has long been famed to be home to a monstrous sea creature, and now you are able to travel with it. Traveling between Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle when in Google Maps, Google will show the option of traveling via Loch Ness Monster.

6. Google Street View Team

Want to see how much Google’s staff love Street View? You can see hundreds of Google staff cheering on the Street View car if you visit a certain section of the company's sprawling Mountain View headquarters.

All Images: © 2014 Google


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