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6 Household Robots We Hope Aren’t Plotting to Kill Us

These guys are the lazy person’s best friend

6 Household Robots We Hope Aren’t Plotting to Kill Us© 2019 iRobot

For a long time, household robots were a thing of bad 20th century science fiction, but now finally they have arriving. First came the robotic vacuum cleaners, rapidly followed by a whole bevy of robo-helpers, every year making our lives easier, while they get incrementally smarter. Ranging from the cute to the usefull, and everything in between, below is a list of our favorite household robots, which we really hope won’t one day turn on us.

1. Robomow

Before the Robomow, moving the yard was a boring, loud and tiresome procedure, but now we can have a lawns mowed for us with just the click of a button. While the idea of a robot armed with a rapidly spinning, razor sharp blade might sound unsettling, it nonetheless handles our yard with a remarkable grace.

Image: ©2014 Robomow

2. Roomba

As one of the first robots to take a place in our home, the Roomba is one our most liked. Despite its seemly random cleaning pattern, it gets the job done, and keeps our houses free of dust while we are out. In addition, it now no longer falls down stairs.

Image: ©2014 iRobot

3. WheeMe

While some can convince their significant other to provide them with on-demand massages, others are not so lucky. Fortunately, the WheeMe is there to take up the slack, giving you professional back massages with its intricate roller system as it autonomously moves over your body.

Image: ©2014 WheeMe

4. WinBot

Depending on the size of your building, window cleaning can range from laborious to downright dangerous. Then along came WinBot, sliding along our windows much like a snail, but leaving a trail of gleaming, clear glass rather than slime.

Image: ©2014 Ecovacs

5. Caddytrek

Always wanted to impress your golfing buddies with your own personal caddy, but never had the money to afford one? Now there is the Caddytrek - a fully autonomous robotic golf club bag, which follows you around providing you with a change of clubs right when you need it.

Image: ©2014 Caddytrek

6. Grillbot  

Yet another arduous task made simple through robotics, cleaning your BBQ grill, was previously a greasy and repetitive endeavour. Now though we have the Grillbot to save us the effort, and to keep our BBQ constantly clean for our next delicious meal.

Image: ©2014 Grillbots

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