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6 Internet Analyses of The Apple Event Invite

Or do we mean over analyses…

Michael Cruickshank
6 Internet Analyses of The Apple Event Invite© 2018 Flickr - John Mitchell

As we have previously reported, Apple has finally officially confirmed the it will be holding a press event on the 9th of September. This event is highly likely to entail the release of 1 (but probably 2) iPhone 6 models, as well as possibly Apple’s first ever wearable - rumoured to be called the iWatch. As usual Apple has sent out an invite to the media advertising this event. In the past these have contained clues on what was about to be release, however this time, the invite (see below) was remarkably plain. Nonetheless this didn't stop the internet from going into over-analysis mode, trying desperately to find hidden clues. See our list of their top six theories below:

1. Two iPhone 6s?

Internet users were quick to notice that when you rotated the invite upside down, the two 9s became two sixes. Could this mean that Apple definitely plans to release two different sized models of the iPhone 6?

2. ‘Say More’

Many thought it was interesting that Apple would choose to use the word ‘say’ rather than ‘tell’. Perhaps this indicates that the new iPhone 6 or indeed the iWatch could have deeper voice controls through Siri?

3.  No Color

While the invite to last year’s media event which unveiled the colorful iPhone 5C was itself colourful, this year’s is completely grayscale. Does this mean that we will only have the choice of grey/silver for the color of the next iPhone?

4. Wish ---->Watch

While it is a stretch, some users noticed the linguistic similarity between the word ‘wish’ and the word ‘watch’. Perhaps Apple is trying to (very) subtly hint that it will finally reveal the iWatch on September 9.

5. Depth Effects?

This year’s invite featured substantial amounts of shadows and fills creating a faux-depth effect. This may indicate that the iPhone 6 may include such effects into its OS in a similar way to the latest version of Android.

6. Uninteresting Release

Perhaps the most obvious feature of this invite is that it is so boring and plain. Android users have been quick to point out the similarity between this, and Apple’s more recent iPhone designs. Does this mean that the iPhone 6 could too be boring?


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