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6 Reasons The Apple Watch Is A Rip Off

You’ve had the hype, now here’s the other side…

Michael Cruickshank
6 Reasons The Apple Watch Is A Rip Off© 2018 Apple

Ok we admit it, the Apple Watch is a good device. The issue we have with it however is its cost. At $350 it is the most expensive mass market smartwatch, and what you are paying for more than anything else is Apple’s brand name and marketing. Below you can read 6 reasons why we think the Apple Watch is indeed a rip-off:

1. You’re in trouble if you are left handed

The Apple Watch heavily features the Digital Crown knob as a way of controlling the device. This knob however sits on a fixed side of the device, making it difficult to be used by a left handed user.

2. The Retina display is only on the luxury model

One of the major selling points of the Apple Watch is that fact that it comes with a high resolution Retina display. What Apple avoided telling us in its keynote was that this Retina display will only come with its luxury 18 carat gold ‘Edition’ Apple Watch, a version which will likely be much more expensive.  

Image: © 2014 Apple

3. The form factor is unremarkable

While competing Android smartwatches have featured more modernist designs, the Apple Watch is distinctly old-school in its design. This may put it in good stead for older consumers, but may leave it unfashionable for the young. In addition, the watch’s considerable bulk could make it too cumbersome to be used for fitness-tracking.

4. OS is filled with pointless and gimmicky features

While Apple talked up a lot of the new UI feature which the Apple Watch has built in, most of these are rather gimmicky. The worst of these is the wearable’s Digital Touch communication, which seems a rather pointless and inefficient version of text messaging, and also seems to run counter to Apple’s ethos of minimising finger-on-screen time.

Image: © 2014 Apple

5. No interchangeable wrist bands

Interchangeable wrist bands has been part of many of the Android smart watches with which the iWatch competes, however this is not the case for the Apple Watch. Instead Apple is forcing us to make a single lasting decision about the look of our watch at the time of purchase.

6. Needs Apple ecosystem integration

Like that Apple Watch? Thats great. Think it’s still worth the $350 price tag? Fine. But wait, you don’t own an iPhone? Then you might as well add this large cost as well to the price tag, as the Apple Watch will only work with an iPhone 5 or higher. Forget it if you are an Android user.

Image: © 2014 Apple

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