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6 Reasons To Buy The Pebble Time Steel Instead Of The Apple Watch

Apple Watch vs. Pebble Time Steel

Nicole Billitz
6 Reasons To Buy The Pebble Time Steel Instead Of The Apple Watch

Last week, Pebble announced their newest smartwatch, the Pebble Time. Within a half hour, the company managed to meet their Kickstarter goal of $500,000. To date, they have collected over $16 million dollars and still have 22 days to go. In addition to Pebble Time, the company introduced Pebble Time Steel, which will serve as the company’s premium wristband, and the major source of competition to the Apple Watch.

Clearly I’m not alone in this thought. Pebble seemingly designed their “photo of early production unit” from an incredibly similar display that is currently sitting on Apple’s landing page. Both have similar colored leather straps, with the same gold finish on the case and buckle, and both in an even similar pose. Despite how similar they look, though, we have quite a few differences as well.

Apple +

1. Apple Watch arrives this April, and Pebble Steel won’t come until July

2. Apple is boasting a pretty competitive 34 different watch designs, with 6 among the designs that will offer 18-karat gold. Additionally, many of the more premium designs will feature sapphire crystal glass for protection. Have your choice between 38m or 42mm.

3. AMOLED touchscreen, with Retina display and a high pixel density.

Pebble Time Steel+

1. With a stainless steel case and buttons on the side, its solid and multifunctional. Leather and metal straps are delivered with the watch, which means you can dress it up or dress it down.

2. Brand new e-paper display, which will support 64 colors at 30 frames per second and will never turn off.

3. The newest Pebble is offering a 10 day battery charge, whereas Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the Apple Watch would need to be charged daily, although it is still officially unconfirmed.  

4. Swim and frolic to your hearts content. This smartwatch received a waterproof rating of 3ATM, which means you can take the watch down to 30 meters in the water and still be golden. Apple Watch, unfortunately, will likely only be showerproof, but not waterproof, although that is still unconfirmed.

5. Pebble also has the advantage in terms of compatibility. Pebble has always allowed for iOS and Android, which allows the user to switch between the phones. Pebble will be compatible to iPhone 4s and above, and Android 4.0 and above. Apple, of course, only works with an iPhone 5 and later.

6. Pebble Time Steel is currently available on Kickstarter for a reduced price of $250, but will be $299 once it hits retail shelves. Apple, on the other hand, starts at $350 for their Sport version that has Ion-X glass instead of sapphire.

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