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6 Strange Tech Inventions Of 2015

Doesn't get weirder than this, I guess.

Roselle Jean Dancel
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Technology has evolved over the years and we've some neat and cool stuff. It's amazing how developers are able to come up with such ingenious ideas that just click! But, there are also some that just make you go "what the hell". We second-guess their intentions, doubt their creativity and intelligence. Let's go through some of the strangest techs we've seen this year:

1. Inmotion V3 Electric Unicycle

I really don't get why they made this. I mean, it's already hard enough to balance yourself on it. It's impractical and plainly useless. I don't know what kind of market they thought of while conceptualizing this invention.Inmotion V3 Electric Unicycle.jpg2. Solar Bikini

Wearable tech just got a whole lot sexier with this solar bikini. It consists of mini solar panels that can charge a device, while probably getting your tan at the beach. It has a 5-V regulator and photovoltaic film to power up small machines or devices. It's pretty handy, but I don't think people see this as a fashionable piece of clothing.Solar Powered Bikini.jpg3. Breo Eye Massager

This device massages your eyes with vibrations, air pressure and heat simultaneously. There maybe a few people that might enjoy eye massages. But, I don't see the significance if you can just do it yourself.Breo Massager.jpg4. O2Chair

This breathing chair allows any user to have proper, better and deeper breathing. However, for a price tag of $9,500, I suggest that just find your own ways to make breathing an easier thing for you.O2Chair Breathing Chair.jpg5. Belty

This smart belt can be harsh. It'll tell you that you're gaining weight. It loosens itself when it knows that your waistline is expanding. Dunno if this is a good fitness buddy, or it potentially can just shatter someone's self-esteem. People who can't take the truth (about their weight) should be wary.Belty Smart Belt.jpg6. Toshiba ChihiraAico Robot

I personally find this creepy. It can communicate, feel and express itself like a human being. It can sing too! Though this seems revolutionary, it looks like she was ripped from my worst nightmare. Maybe they should try toning down her physical features a bit... make her less human-looking.Toshiba ChihiraAico Robot.jpg

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