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6 Tech Brands That’ll Make You Feel Old

Can't believe it's been that long!

Roselle Jean Dancel
6 Tech Brands That’ll Make You Feel Old© 2018 Kmug

Did it ever cross your mind when some of the known technology brands were founded? You wouldn't believe how long it's been since they've started. Forgive me if after all of this, you suddenly feel old. Don't worry, I do too. So, let's go back in time!

1. Nintendo (1985)

Japan is the homeland of this well-known video gaming console pioneer. Remember when they released the NES? It seemed like they've revolutionized and changed home video gaming forever. Of course, now they've stepped up and created advanced gaming techs that we're all thankful that we have now. Nintento NES.jpeg2. Apple (1976)

Before Apple conquered the world, they had a humble beginning. Picture this: one garage, three friends, and a drive to join in the tech industry. Apple's done well, and have impressed us throughout the years with their awesome laptops, smartphones and music players. Can't believe it's been almost 40 years. Steve Job Apple.jpg3. Microsoft (1975)

Microsoft started a year ahead Apple. They started as a small firm creating programs for different clients... with their founding fathers having programming as their main hobby. Now, they're one of the big names in the industry. 40 years in the making.Bill Gates Microsoft.jpg4. Samsung (1938)

Samsung is generally known for their smartphones and laptops. Did you know that this South Korean multinational conglomerate started off as a trading company? Neither did I. Well, that's a little trivia for you.Samsung Old TV.jpg5. Canon (1937)

Canon's been capturing moments since the 1930's. They started off creating precision optical instruments. Now, they continue to surprise us with advance flagship cameras; making them one of the top brands in photography.Canon Camera.png6. Nokia (1865)

Last, but not the least, Nokia's been here for more than a century! They started off trying to immerse themselves in various fields before they started manufacturing phones. Though their brand isn't as standout-ish as the others, you got to give it to them for existing this long. They're probably older than our grandparents.Nokia Old Phone.jpgThere you go! 

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