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6 Things You Need To Know About The iPhone 6

Before tomorrow's launch, here's the round-up of rumours

Michael Cruickshank
6 Things You Need To Know About The iPhone 6© 2018 Flickr - John Mitchell

Apple’s iPhone 6 is by far the most hotly anticipated product in the tech world. Luckily, there isn’t much more than 24 hours left for us to wait until its final unveiling. While the company has been very tight-lipped about its final design, below you can read 6 of the most promising leaks regarding this amazing new phone...

1. Amethyst Crystal Display

The new iPhone 6 is widely rumoured to feature a Sapphire-crystal display. The display will reportedly be much more scratch resistant than the more-common Gorilla Glass 3 used in the phones of competitors. It is unclear if this display will be standard across all models, or only available in smaller numbers on limited versions of the phone.  


2. 2 Screen Sizes

One of the most common rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 is that it will come in two sizes. The first is a smartphone-sized 4.7 inch model, while the second is a phablet-sized 5.5 inch iPhone. While both are expected to be unveiled at the launch event tomorrow, it is unclear if the larger model will be immediately available or instead be delayed to October.

Image: ©2014 Weibo - @瑞记

3. NFC payments system

While it is now common among Android flagship smartphones, Apple has yet to integrate Near Field Communications (NFC) into its iPhone. This is set to change with the iPhone 6, which will feature an integrated NFC payments system into its software. The company has reportedly been in talks with credit card companies such as American Express to improve this functionality. 

4. Reversible USB Cable

Images emerged last month which suggest that Apple will include a reversible USB port on the ‘Lightning’ cable which ships with the iPhone 6. This would be one of the first products to feature such a cable design, only recently agreed upon by the USB Promoter Group.

5. 128GB Model

Previous iPhone models have been criticized for having too little storage space, so rumours abound that Apple will create an iPhone 6 with 128GB of physical storage. The downside is that you will pay for it - this model will probably be at least $100 more than base iPhone 6.

6. Water Resistant

With Apple’s competitors steaming ahead with their Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, it is likely Apple too will follow. While the iPhone is unlikely to be waterproof to the same degree as the Xperia Z2 by Sony, it should feature at least some level of dustproofing and water-resistance.


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