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6 Ways In Which Hacking Is Depicted So Badly In Films

Hollywood needs to lift its game!

Michael Cruickshank
6 Ways In Which Hacking Is Depicted So Badly In Films

While computer hacking is more and more of a real threat, it is somewhat visually boring. For this reason, films which involve hacking as a central part of their plot, have often struggled to depict it with any honesty. Instead directors chose to show random montages of cliched computer actions, cut to look intense and entertaining with barely a nod to realism. Read out our list below of 6 of the worst ways in which hacking is depicted in films.

1. Pointless Coding Montages

Hackers like to write code right? Then why not make a montage of them writing code, with multiple angle shots, and hopefully some electronic music too!

2. Overly Visualised GUIs

If Windows Command Prompt is too boring, a director can always dream up some hyper-efficient (but cool looking) GUI in order to properly visualize all the hacking ‘action’.

3. Too Many Screens

One way to identify a hacker? Their room has too many screens. Because if one normal user can operate one screen, then a hacker can easily operated 4, 6 or even 10 at once.

4. Hacking Is Overly Powerful

Hackers are often depicted accomplishing amazing feats, which appear almost laughable. The worst example of this? When a hacker in ‘The Core’ is asked to “hack the planet”.

5. Every System Can Be Hacked

While in reality many systems are not networked, and thus can’t be hacked via the internet or otherwise that doesn’t stop Hollywood. In their films, anyone, even aliens are vulnerable to all powerful hackers.

6. Passwords Can Be Cracked In Seconds

Brute forcing passwords is a time consuming task, so much so, that it is generally only used as a last resort by hackers. In films however, even the smallest computer, can break the longest password in mere seconds.


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