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7 Apps That All Mac Users Shouldn’t Be Living Without

Indispensable apps for your laptop

Molly Holt
7 Apps That All Mac Users Shouldn’t Be Living Without© 2018 Joseph Thornton - Flickr

F.lux - You know that blinding white glare you get when you stare at your computer screen at 3am? Or when you first wake up in the morning? Not anymore you don’t. F.lux syncs with the natural light patterns of your location to automatically change the warm tint of your screen depending on where the sun is in the sky. There's no difference in clarity, but much less strain on your eyes and brain.

Freedom - Imagine how many hours you’ve wasted procrastinating on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the other ten other sites you always seem to find yourself scrolling through when you have work to do. Freedom is an essential install for anyone that has some real work to do, shutting off your internet connection for an allocated period of time, so you can finally get things done for once.

Pocket - The ‘I’ll do it in a bit’ app that everyone needs in their life. Stash all those songs you still need to listen to, or those articles you’ll get round to reading at some point, and that recipe you might cook tomorrow. It basically stores everything you will be thankful you stashed away for safe-keeping when you’re trying to remember a recipe you saw, want a new song to listen to or are bored on a train wishing you’d pre-downloaded that long article to read that you didn’t have time to look at yesterday.

Bartender - If you like to keep your computer uncluttered (of course you do), then download Bartender to manage your menu bar. Its all fun and games when all you’re doing is having a little browse on Facebook, but before you know it, you have about 10 apps all stacked up there - and most of their icons are unnecessary. Bartender lets you hide the apps you need to run but not see, and rearrange other icons and their options exactly as you wish. Because you know what they say: tidy computer screen, tidy mind. Sort of.

Caffeine - A useful tool for all those netflix marathons, Caffeine keeps the screen illuminated even when you’re not touching anything. It will put a little cup of coffee in your menu bar for you to click when you start playing House of Cards, to stop it from going dim. Then simply click it again when you want to resume to normal mode.

Monolingual - Unless you do actually speak 100 languages, you probably don’t need most of the options on there, which added together take up quite a lot of space. So if you don’t think you’re ever going to need to change your language to Gaelic, get rid of it to make more room for all those beloved selfies.

ClipMenu - Copy and paste will never be the same again. It has been transformed to become a lot more capable, holding a whole load of items on your clipboard instead of just the one. Store a selection of urls, text and photos permanently or temporarily and access them from the menu bar at the top right of your screen. An invaluable feature for almost everything you do online.

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