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7 Christmas Wishes For The Samsung Galaxy S7

What The Rumors Are Saying And What We Wish To See

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7 Christmas Wishes For The Samsung Galaxy S7 © 2019 Samsung

When Samsung released the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, most people were happy with the new design and its power-filled features. It showed the world that the brand still has it in producing a high-end phone with all the promise that a flagship should have. Because of this, we're all waiting if they can once again hold our interest once they release their next offering in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S7 which is called Project Lucky.

Many speculations are already circulating about what Samsung plans to include in their new handset. Some sources say that the phone might be announced at the Mobile World Congress on the last week of February, making it available by March 2016. But before we get to that date, here are a few wishes we have which we can tell Samsung to ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a show stopper once again:

1. Better Rear Cover

Sure, aesthetically the S6 has a great glass mirror finish. Unfortunately, it also attracts a lot of fingerprints showing up on its rear's surface. You might not notice this much on the white pearl version, but those who owns the black sapphire, gold platinum, and the blue topaz can attest to this. Users want less wiping on their phones due to the unbecoming sight of prints on their S7 especially for those who aren't fans of external casings and that's something Samsung can definitely improve.

2. Better Pricing

Samsung sure does have a large portfolio of phones but their flagship surely comes with a hefty tag price which is not surprising. Unfortunately, the S6 went beyond expensive for an Android phone. It almost rivaled that of their Apple competition and that somehow displeased some of the brand's loyal users. The phone giant should already learn that mid-tier phones are becoming a choice among people due to acceptable features with budget-friendly prices, with this, they can try to work out a resolution to still give top-of-the-line product with a competitive and reasonable price.

3. Better Design

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the elegantly design handsets out in the market today and rumors states that Samsung might be retaining it for the S7 and we have no complaints. However, a few addition and tweaks might be good for the S7. How about the water and dustproof design that Samsung already introduced in the S5 which they surprisingly omitted on the S6? That will surely gain added points for the new flagship.

4. Better VR Offerings

The new Gear VR headset which they announced alongside the Galaxy S6 definitely gained a lot of oohs and ahhs. But hopefully, the company doesn't lose interest on this innovation and further improve what users can do with it. An addition of more games, sensors, and anything particularly new and exciting on how the S7 will pair with the VR is certainly welcome. As of now, Samsung is one of the unique companies offering Virtual Reality along with their phones and hopefully they capitalize on that and don't let the technology go into waste.

5. Better Camera

Given that the Galaxy S6 has a superb camera and there's only a few improvements that Samsung can do with it for the S7, any camera upgrade is always something users look forward to. Compared to the iPhone's Slow Motion Video capabilities, Samsung can certainly ante up their game on this one. Addition of camera modes is also something they can look into, but of course bloating up the device just for this is something they should not do.

6. Better Battery Life

It's no secret that smartphones have short battery life due to all the background activity happening and power users have to have a powerbank at hand at all times. With the Galaxy S6, moderate usage can extend its battery life up to 17 hours but of course, we'd want more. Hopefully, Samsung can take this into consideration and pack the Galaxy S7 with a bigger battery cell to boost its staying power.

7. Better Screen

Almost everyone loved the edge and the curved screen. With the Galaxy S7, we hope that Samsung will retain it and luckily rumors say that they will and it'll be a staple design for the upcoming handset. There are also talks that the Galaxy S7 will comes in two sizes which are the 5.2-inch screen and a 5.8-inch one having a 4K display. All these hearsay improvements in the phone's screen is something we are looking forward to.

As it is termed as Project Lucky, we wish that these lucky 7 suggestions will come into fruition. Until February 2016, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that Samsung will gift us with another Android treasure that can come neck to neck with Apple's iPhone.

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