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7 Creative Apps That Help Increase Productivity

Reduce distractions by installing these apps on your devices

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Productivity is an issue that every working man and woman has to grapple with. Sometimes it just cannot be helped that distractions get the better of us. So, to help us, we have apps! Here is a list of 7 apps that can help take care of this problem:

1. Isolator

This app is available to Mac only but Le Dimmer is a very good Windows option. The app works by blurring out all background windows, dock bar, etc and only keeps the active window in your focus. You can customize its settings so be sure to check them out when using Isolator.

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2. Calendly

This web-based app is like having your very own, very strict secretary that only schedules meetings during your available hours. How it works is that you send your work schedule to the app. This means setting the times when you are certainly busy and when you are free to take calls and other work related stuff. Folks who want to schedule something with you just go to your site, pick out best time, and it’s booked!

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3. Todoist

This app is available on the web and as an app on 15 other platforms. Todoist organizes lists of tasks to do, allows collaboration between co-workers on shared tasks, and prioritizes some items over others for you. It syncs over your different devices so you are always on track for whatever you need to do first.

Focus app 3.png4. Calm

Whether you are working already or are still a student, you just gotta do what you gotta do. This does not make it easy though! And when you have a lot on your plate, switching from task to task really clogs up your brain. Calm helps keep you going by providing effective break times from two to twenty minutes. Get your headphones and recharge with these meditation techniques.

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5. Focus Booster

This app is based on the Pomodoro technique. By visualizing just how much time you spend on a particular task, like how many Pomodoro timers you need to complete a task, you get to focus on what you need to do. Also, Focus Booster has a user-friendly dashboard that shows you to see what you did in your day without need for timesheets. This app definitely helps maintain discipline for work-life balance.

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6. Anti-Social

This is not an app but must be included in the list. It is a plugin for Mac and Windows and it blocks certain sites and social media widgets from you that you know will distract you. When you need tough love to get things done, then get Anti-Social. It sets productivity blocks from 15 minutes to 8 hours. Anti-Social might piss you off at first but it does get the job done!

Focus app 6.png7. Focus

With this app, one click can put yourself in an environment conducive to doing a particular task. If you need to “write,” for example, then you can set social media sites to be blocked while you work. Blocked sites will also show a motivational quote so you still get to do what you need to do without feeling too bad. Hardcore mode makes the blocked sites totally blocked (settings cannot be changed!) until the schedule is done. 

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