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7 Hidden Features Of Your Android

But now the secrets are out!

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Many had already unlocked the mysteries of their Android smart phones but there are some which are still hidden in plain sight. Here's a list of things your Android phone can do for you but was never blatantly revealed:

1. Speed things up

If you're experiencing a slower performance from your phone you can simply go to settings, select about phone, tap the build number 7 times and soon as you go back to settings, the developer options will be seen. From there you can choose to have window and transition scales to .5x or scrap off the feature as a whole. Though this seems like a dream come true, remember that all good things may come with a price. Use this feature at your own risk. 

2. Crack Easter eggs

Most people have already forgotten early versions of Android including Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but what you don't know is that since then developers had been hiding Easter eggs on each version. By tapping the About Phone in Settings, users treated with exclusive images, games, and even wallpapers. 

3. Control your data use

Not everyone is under unlimited data use on their mobile phones that this cool feature can actually help you save up your data allowance. By simply going to Settings then data usage, you can now make sure that you don't go beyond tour mobile data limit.

4. Wipe off your phone if it got lost.

No one can be exempted from theft, which is why losing your phone might really take its toll on you. But fret not, with Google device manager, you can remotely wipe outevery single information and data stored on your lost device. Simply go to google.com/android/devicemanager. Select your phone from the menu and soon you will have the option to locate it or erase it with a single click of a button.

5. Block calls from your ex

By simply selecting a contact and tapping options then selecting reject calls, you can now be free of annoyance from any people you don't wish to speak to. Some phones have this option available in the options of the call logs than under the contact app.

6. Keep track of your battery usage

Sure, there are apps out there which promises not to just optimize the use of your battery but also give you a complete report on your battery performance. Simply go to settings and then Battery (or you have to go to About phone first). 

7. Remove App Notifications

Whether it's reminding you to play your favorite game or that you have a new Snapchat message, you can be free of these notifications by going to Applications and then clicking on the setting and finally unticking the Show Notification option. 

Now, you can definitely maximize all these cool features that your Android have that will definitely make your smartphone more convenient to use.

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