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7 Reasons Why Microsoft’s HoloLens Is A Game Changer

The best of both worlds, real and imagined

Nicole Billitz
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7 Reasons Why Microsoft’s HoloLens Is A Game Changer © 2023 Microsoft

1. It’s Standalone

Basically, all the processing, sensors, and computing takes place in the headset, which means you don’t need to be hooked up to a power source (e.g., a smartphone or PC) to work. Competitors like Oculus Rift do require an external power source to operate, which makes this a whole lot cooler.

2. It’s Augmented Reality, Not Virtual Reality

Everything you see in a virtual reality headset is completely constructed and designed. But with the HoloLens, your vision is never impaired. The digital constructs have merely been added to the room so you can analyze and interact with your actual environment.

3. Which Means It Can Combine

Because everyone wants the best of both worlds, with augmented reality, it means the HoloLens can create reality (virtual reality) to interact with actual reality and the physical objects in it. Basically, what is missing we can now just produce, but build off actual material.

4. It’s Changing Communication

Like I already said, being able to analyze and interact with your real environment will give us tremendous amounts of helpful data. But what happens when your environment involves people? Skype will also have its own HoloLens app, which means “sharing your screen” is a thing of the past. Now users can see each other’s screens but also make their own edits and annotations. This has a lot of promising possibilities for research.

5. It’s A Massive Projector

Not only does the screen follow you anywhere you want to go, but you can also blow it up to any size you want. That means next time you want to have a home video, you just open the VR cinema app so you can immerse yourself in a huge 3D virtual movie theatre, or even just watch 2D movies and videos on your own endless screen. You have your own projector, with no projector and no display.

6. It Uses Universal Windows 10 Apps

Which means that every Windows 10 app for smartphones, tablets, tablet-laptop hybrids, and PCs can (potentially) just be adapted to work with the headset efficiently. Which means it will have a far easier time integrating with Skype, Netflix, games, and movies more so than any of its competitors. Of course, it will also get its own exclusive apps, but it means that its a lot more flexible and universal.

7. Because You Can Game Like A Badass

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