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7 Smartwatches That Are Battling For Your Wallet

Which do you think is the best?

Michael Cruickshank
7 Smartwatches That Are Battling For Your Wallet© 2019 Motorola Mobility

1. LG G Watch

Launched alongside the LG G3 smartphone, the G Watch was one of the first wearables to feature Google’s new Android Wear operating system. The watch itself has a square-ish front, and a plastic wristband.

Image: © 2014 LG

2. Samsung Gear Live

Samsung surprised everyone this year by building one of the first Android Wear devices. While the lower-cost Gear Live features a more utilitarian design than some of its competitors, it nonetheless has strong functionality and battery life.

Image: © 2014 Samsung

3. LG G Watch Round

While everyone was waiting on the Moto360, LG created their own round smartwatch. Due to be released in a matter of days, this watch will be a companion model to the companies initial G Watch Android Wear offering.

Image: © 2014 LG

4. Motorola Moto360

Motorola’s round screened Moto360 made big waves when it was first announced. Since then however the product has been delayed and no longer seems quite so innovative. Additionally, this watch is designed to give off a luxury feel, through its metal and leather wristbands.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

5. Samsung Gear S

Other watches on this list need a phone to be able to function fully, but not the Gear S. This watch features an inbuilt 3G antenna and SIM slot, enabling it make calls and send texts like a smartphone. In addition its curved screen brings some unique form factor to Samsung’s somewhat tired designs.

Image: © 2014 Samsung

6. Asus Zen Watch

With its competitors focusing on more high-end products, Asus is trying to cut costs with its forthcoming Zen Watch. Not only does the company believe this will be the “best looking smartwatch yet”, but also it hopes that the less-than $200 price tag will win over a large number of buyers.


7. Samsung Gear Fit

The oldest smartwatch on this list, released last year, the Gear Fit nonetheless fills a sort of hybrid role between fitness tracking smart-band and fully-functional smartwatch. It features a cool curved screen and rugged design, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

Image: © 2014 Samsung

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