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7 Stunning City Hyperlapse Videos

Strap in for a whole new view of the world!

Michael Cruickshank
7 Stunning City Hyperlapse Videos© 2018 Flickr - Dmitry B.

1. Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

As the largest city in China, and possibility the largest in the world, Shanghai is city full of life. Its new modern skyline features heavily in this spectacular hyperlapse of the Chinese metropolis.

2. Moscow, Russian Federation

Moscow on a freezing Russian winter night sounds like a bleak prospect, however this hyperlapse proves otherwise. Contrasting the city’s Soviet past with its futuristic new districts, this clip is not to be missed.  

3. Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast in Australia is one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted beaches in the world. Watch what attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, in this colourful hyperlapse combining modernity and pristine nature.

4. Berlin, Germany

Once divided, now the burgeoning capital of the reunified Germany, Berlin is a city which has pulled itself back into the limelight over the past two decades. See all its splendor in this dizzying hyperlapse.

5. Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

As well as being incredibly well produced, this clip was included on this list for the sheer difficulty that its makers would have had filming it. Indeed, special permission was granted from the North Korean government to allow the filming on this intense hyperlapse in the DPRK’s capital.

6. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong has long been renowned for its dense buildings and winding, maze-like alleys. Take a hyper-speed tour of the city in this insane hyperlapse, worth it for the first gondola tracking shot alone.

7. Brisbane, Australia

Set to host this year’s G20 summit, Brisbane is Australia’s often forgotten third city. Its beaches, skyscrapers and riverside environment, all combine to make the perfect setting for an amazing hyperlapse video.  


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