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7 Upgrades Which We Want On Next Year’s Flagship Phones

Manufacturers need to lift the bar

Michael Cruickshank
7 Upgrades Which We Want On Next Year’s Flagship Phones© 2018 Flickr - Blake Patterson

Every year we get yet another generation of flagship smartphones reaching the market. Now, at the end of 2014 we have already seen the best which various companies have to offer, and to be honest, we are unimpressed. Many have the same, tired features, and merely incremental upgrades to specs. It is our hope that next year will be a time of great change for the mobile industry as the competition for the top becomes more and more fierce. Read our list below of 7 things which we want from next years flagship phones:  

1. Stronger Screens

Perhaps the biggest problem with current smartphones is the issue of screen breakage. We are looking for the next generation of phones to have greatly strengthened screens, similar to Apple’s planned (but yet cancelled) sapphire crystal display. 

Image: © 2014 Sharp

2. Thinner Bezels

As the screen size of phones continue to expand, the only way to keep the phone small enough to hold is to reduce bezel size. We have already seen the Sharp Aquos begin this trend with an ultra thin bezel, and we hope it catches on in 2015. 

3. Faster Charging

Another serious gripe we have with modern smartphones is their battery life. While it is unlikely that there will be serious advances in battery tech within the new 12 months, the Droid Turbo shows that its possible to make phones that at least charge faster.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

4. Full Waterproofing

While this is already becoming a selling point on Sony and Samsung phones, full waterproofing is yet to be universal among flagship devices. We hope that 2015 will be the year in which we no longer have to fear our smartphones getting wet. 

5. QHD Screens

While having a full HD screen is good, on larger screened devices it can start to look pixelated. For this reason we believe that 2015’s flagship devices will have to have QHD (Quad HD) screens in order to be able to compete with those like the Note 4, which already boast them.


6. Higher Resolution Front Cameras

One of the major things people like do with their phones, for better or worse, is taking selfies. While there are some niche mid-range phones with decent front facing sensors, we are looking to the next generation of flagships to feature similarly powerful front-facing cameras.

7. Adventurous Form Factors

A final problem we had with 2014’s phones was that they had boring form factors. Almost all featured the same grey rectangular design with little variation. We hope other manufacturers will take inspiration from phones like the Note Edge, and release their own uniquely formed flagships in the next 12 months. Image: © 2014 Samsung

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