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8 Android Apps To Avoid

A list of entertaining apps that are just useless

Roselle Jean Dancel
8 Android Apps To Avoid© 2018 Techmagz

There are a ton of apps swirling around Google Play. On one hand, there those that are entertaining, useful, and fun. On the other, there are those that are plain stupid, useless... and shitty (if I may add). 

Here's a list of some Android apps to avoid. Some of these apps may be entertaining for others; but for me, they're just plain stupid.

1) iBeeriBeer - Android App.jpgThe app simulates a real beer right in your android. You can even shake your device to produce foam or extra bubbles. Like a glass of beer, you can chug it down, and hear your phone have a good burp.

2) The Most Useless App EverUseless App Ever - Android App.pngYes, that's the name of the app. And like its name, it really is stupid. It's a waste of memory. It basically lets you press the most useless button on your screen so you can wait for nothing to happen. Yup. Nothing.

3) YoYo - Android App.jpgThis app is especially for telling or messaging people "yo". That's it.

4) Hodor KeyboardHodor - Android App.jpgI'm not such a Game of Thrones fan. But for those who are, this app offers a one-button keyboard that types in "Hodor". I can't believe it costs a dollar. I mean, for something you can just type, really?

5) HeaterHeater - Android App.jpgThis offers to warm your hands using your phone. Maybe if you lived somewhere that had no access to any form of heat, then maybe this app would be of good use.

6) Virtual MatchVirtual Match - Android App.jpgIt's really stupid to have a match that doesn't do anything. It's not as if you can use it to light your cigarette, or make a fire.

7) Shake, Shoot, ShareShake Shoot Share - Android App.jpgFor those who find art in blurry photos, this may be for you. But seriously, why make one that specifically just tells you to shake your phone to get the perfect blurry photo?

8) SMTH (Send Me To Heaven)SMTH - Android App.jpgThis basically asks you to throw your phone in the air. The higher, the better. So if you can't catch stuff, you'd probably get a new phone after using this app.

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