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8 Hacks For Your VSCO Photos

Now, you'll know what to do!

Roselle Jean Dancel
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8 Hacks For Your VSCO Photos© 2023 Digital Trends

You've all probably heard of, or came across, VSCO Cam. It has it all: awesome camera editing options that can allow you to use or produce different filters. However, from experience, it's hard to use the different options if you really don't know what they do, or if you don't have an eye for adjusting the settings to create cool photos. You'd have to learn about the filter, temperature, saturation or other photography elements that you're probably clueless or confused with. Isn't it just crazy how far photography has evolved since its inception?! An app on your phone with such capabilities... wow!

If you want to learn some hacks on how to tinker with the editing options on this app, then this article may be of use. This will help you achieve creative control. Here's a guide on how to adjust your settings to produce the following results:

1. If you're the type to take photos of your food before actually eating it, then this VSCO Cam hack's perfect for you. Its brownish or earthy tones make your food tastier than it actually looks!VSCO Cam Filter 1.jpg2. This one's for those who are more into scenic photography: taking photos of awesome landscapes.VSCO Cam Filter 2.jpg3. To achieve a summer feel for your photos, you can use this hack! It works great with hues of blue.VSCO Cam Filter 3.jpg4. The next set of settings are best applied with photos that are more fashion forward or lookbook-ish. You can even feature your fave Doc Marten boots with this!VSCO Cam Filter 4.jpg5. This works with different shades of white! You can even try photographing your latest white iPhone 6 or Samsung S6 Edge, which would add a certain glow to it.VSCO Cam Filter 5.jpg6. This one has gives a noir kind of effect to your photos. It works for black and white photos, especially those that you want to make a bold statement with. Most fashion sites or bloggers actually use this!VSCO Cam Filter 6.jpg7. If you're more bubbly, and you literally have a sunny personality that shines through your photos, this filter will best capture it!VSCO Cam Filter 7.jpg8. This last one is for those who love capturing awesome and alluring selfies. It'll prolly work for those photos that have a neutral tones, or a balance of different colors. It will make any person [in the photo] looking fresh!VSCO Cam Filter 8.jpgThat's about it! Hopefully, this quick guide helped you crack the VSCO Cam code.

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