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8 Reasons Not To Buy The Canon EOS 5D Mark III

And why you should buy the Nikon D800 instead

Nicole Billitz
8 Reasons Not To Buy The Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Released in 2012, the Mark III is a professional full-frame digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) and the successor to the Mark II, which was the first camera made by Canon to include video recording capabilities.


1. The Nikon D800 has more megapixels.

36.8 megapixels versus a mere 23.4 megapixels.

2. The Nikon D800 has overall better image quality.

Including color depth, dynamic range and low light performance, the D800 received 95 from DxOMark, where the Mark III only got 81. The color depth alone is worthy of discussion. It receives 25.3 bits of color, versus 24 bits from the Mark III.

3. The Mark III doesn’t have the best dynamic range.

A better dynamic range captures a wider number of values from dark to light, which helps contour the photos and bring out highlights and lowlights.

4. It could be faster.

Shutter lag refers to the amount of time it takes the camera to capture a photo, without having to focus. The Mark III takes about 0.59 seconds, versus the D800 that takes 0.042s. The Mark III is incredibly slow in comparison.

5. The Mark III is not dust proof or water resistant.

But the D800 is, with a depth equal to 1 meter or 3 feet.

6. The Mark III has noise at high ISO.

ISO is a measurement of the film speed or the photo’s sensitivity to light. Canon has 2293 ISO, in comparison to 2853 from Nikon. The almost 25% increase makes a huge difference in allowing to capture excellent images even in poor light.

7. It has poor video recording quality.

At 1080x29.97 frames per second (fps), this is not the best you could do, by far, especially for such an expensive camera, which totals $3,400.

8. The battery life leaves to be desired.

It has only 1800 mAh battery, whereas the Nikon D800 has 1900mAh.

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