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8 Reasons Why The OnePlus 2 Is A Keeper

OnePlus might have just made another flagship killer

Julius Tabios
8 Reasons Why The OnePlus 2 Is A Keeper© 2023 OnePlus

The OnePlus 2 is being touted as one of the best upcoming Android phones on the market. With the surprise success of the OnePlus One, it was pretty obvious they were gonna try again. And we’ll be damn happy they did. Here are are some of the features that will make the OnePlus 2 great. Is it really the ‘flagship killer’ people make it out to be? 

A sexy casing 

Plastic on your phone is so 2000s. A sleek metal casing is what its about these days. 

Full HD! 

If you want your phone to be in the flagship talk, you better give it full HD. The OnePlus 2 possesses full 1080p of beautiful pixels. 

Fits snugly in your hand 

At 5.5 inches the OnePlus 2 is far from bulky. In my opinion that is the perfect size since any bigger you’d have trouble fitting it in your pockets. 

Processing power! 

Everyone loves multitasking so the better the processor, the better it will be for practically everyone. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor is here to help. 

Oxygen OS 

OnePlus has original flavor when it comes to Android OSs in the form of its Oxygen OS. If this comes out with the Android M, a marriage with the Oxygen OS would just be dreamy. 

The Camera 

Everyone’s favorite thing on their phones. Chronicling your daily lives should be made crystal clear with nothing less than a 4K-pable camera. See what I did there? The OnePlus 2 delivers. 

The modern USB Type C 

Few phones have adapted a USB Type C compatible phone and being up to date in technology is always a… plus. 


Everyone’s greatest weakness. Will it burn a whole in your pocket? Fortunately the OnePlus 2 will start at a relatively fair $329.






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