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8 Recent Mobile Games To Play Today!

Get To Conquer All Exciting Levels And More!

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By now, everyone knows that a mobile phone is more than a device for sending messages and making calls. It lets you watch movies, videos, and listen to your favorite songs, but most of all it cures your boredom with games that can keep you preoccupied for hours. There are a lot of games available for download on both App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android, but which are the new ones really worthy of your time? Here are a few suggestions that will definitely keep you glued on your phones for hours.

1. Asgard Run
We already know how addictive running games are in the past but this time, how about we spice it up and change the surroundings a bit? It still gives you the thrill of jumping over blockages, sliding under and dodging hazards, and yes, even fighting off some enemies. The game gives you a refreshing take on running through obstacles as it is set on a cylindrical track. Also, get bonus points that will make your journey all the more worth it.

Platform: iOS

2. Monster Hotel
Cute monsters attack! Okay, that might not be what this about, but cute monsters in a game often work. This will definitely remind you of the popular movie featuring the lovable vampire we all love as this gives you the control over a horror-themed hotel. You are tasked to build the hotel from the ground up and make sure that all monsters are happy and well accommodated. Experience how to be a hotelier to demanding monsters and test your abilities with this puzzle-like game with lots of entertaining graphics and challenges.

Platform: iOS and Android

3. Wardwell House
If you want a hauntingly creepy game then this one should definitely be in your list. Made as a horror adventure game with full 3D panoramic photographs of locations with hidden elements, you will have to find clues to move to the next area. It's a sort of hidden object kind of game but then it's an entirely new beast on its own. With everything shot in black and white, it surely will make the experience more eerily fun for you!

Platform: iOS

4. The Room Three
Another addition to Fireproof's The Room series, you are definitely missing out if you haven't tried playing one of it. This game series is arguably one of the best puzzle game ever developed for any device. With this third installment, you are treated with a better scope and complex challenges. It's simple enough as you have to solve a series of puzzle objects to get to the next puzzle and be rewarded with a piece of the story. It exercises your mental prowess as you explore each rooms with puzzles that comes along with it and clues which the mysterious Craftsman left. You will definitely enjoy playing and noticing fine details that Fireproof had incorporated in this game.

Platform: iOS

5. Brass
It's where resource management, board game, and strategic planning all comes and decided to be rolled into one. There are some complex rules which you have to familiarize yourself but it's all part of loving board games, right? Set in the Industrial Revolution in Lancashire, England, you are to tasked to become the owner of vast resources and control trade roots. It's one brain game you'll definitely love to get your hands on.

Platform: Android/iOS

6. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
As an Imperial Knight, you will be joining the Dark Angels to conquer forces of Chaos. Sound ominous already right? Make your way through 40 single-player missions. This time, Freeblade finally was able to bring the Warhammer 40K to mobile.
Platform: iOS

7. Plato
Play with a brilliantly colored disco ball which you have to make sure to light up in 60 seconds. It gives off beautiful graphics and simple controls. It is visually appealing as it is entertaining. The soundtrack is another bonus which was composed by Jared Underwood.

Platform: iOS

8. Starific
Have a mini dance party on your phone with Starific. Taking place in a hexagonal ring, you will be able to paddle moves around the edges. Make sure to start a chain reaction by hitting things in the middle. Your star moves fast and a challenge to follow but it's certainly worth all your concentration. Get to enjoy colorful design, pumping power-ups, and unparalleled soundtrack.

Platform: iOS and Android

These are just a few games that will keep you entertained whether while waiting for a friend or when you're killing time. So, what are you waiting for? Download any of these and be the champ of your chosen game!

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