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8 Rumors About The iPhone 7

Does Apple's New Phone Promise Better Specs Than Samsung S7?

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What's next? That's always what everyone is asking even if the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus haven't really warmed our palms for that long but we're already itching to find things about the upcoming iPhone 7. Loyal Apple users are already holding their breath for the new offering and even having a checklist of new features they'd like to be included in the next flagship.

Since many had made it their special mission to predict and make speculations about the iPhone, we rounded up a few things that might actually materialize for the most-awaited phone of 2016. Search no further for leaks, rumors, and other claims as we have gathered most of it below so read on!

1. Release Date
Apple is both predictable and surprising and that can be observed with their device debuts. In classic Apple tradition, new iPhone models take center stage during the fall. With that, we can expect the iPhone 7 some time September of next year or at least around that time. It is also in perfect timing when school starts once again, tempting their major market which are the young ones to want to get their hands on, on the latest Apple device.

2. Design
Once again, Apple can be depended on following its usual cycle of introducing major design changes based on even-numbered years. If you've been paying attention, you will notice that the company releases S-version in odd-numbered years. With this, we can expect with a huge dash of certainty that there would be noticeable design changes along with newly added features that will certainly wow us like in the previous years.

3. Components
The new iPhones running on A9 chip with 64-bit dual-core processor certainly still leaves users amazed especially with the overall improved speed along with enhanced Wi-Fi antennas and faster Touch ID sensor. Because of this, it's more than expected for the iPhone 7 to deliver even better speed if it comes with an A10 chip. Since the 6S and 6S Plus has 2GB RAM, the iPhone 7 can be built with at least 4GB of RAM.

4. Display
The latest Apple Watch models already sport sapphire display and OLED technology, but since the latter is still something Apple is testing, the iPhone 7 might just come with a sapphire display to replace the 6's Gorilla Glass. This display offers better resistance to scratch and shatter. The 2016 flagship might have to still sport the LED-backlit LCD technology to support its Retina display but OLED will certainly make its appearance on Apple phones soon enough. The omission of the physical home button was already said but this will definitely mean a better screen to cater to the pressure sensitive 3D touch and the important Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

5. Connection
The Internet already talked about this and its the shocking rumor that Apple may finally unequip the iPhone with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It's not yet confirmed but it means the company will be replacing it with the all-in-one Lightning connector. This possible change will give birth to a slimmer phone. Philips made the rumor even more legit as they came out with lightning-only headphones early this year. If it happens, then you might say goodbye to your favorite earphones when iPhone 7 comes out. There's also some news of replacing Lightning with USB Type-C which they had used on their MacBook revamp but it's very unlikely. Many Apple devices still rely on the Lightning so it will probably still be around for a while.

6. Camera
Generally, the iPhone camera is a great photo-snapping tool. So, just imagine Apple even surpassing the iPhone 6s capabilities? Some speculations state that the iPhone7 might have a 10MP camera with two lens DSLR style camera. Selfies will be way better in iPhone 7 if the 6S Plus haven't answered that prayer yet with its optical image stability capability even in low light.

7. Waterproof Feature
Sony had pioneered the waterproof line with its Xperia Z phones. Even Samsung followed suit with their S5 and Motorola with Moto G. If Apple wanted to try it out, it's the best time to test the waters, pun very much intended.

8. Other things
There's also a rumor that Apple will be having their next big event on March 2016 where they are probably going to introduce a rumored iPhone 6C. So, we might expect a plastic-shelled iPhone 6. Aside from that, Apple is also reported to take a look at its display-providing capacity along with messing with the processor and chip all the more.

With this information, all we can do at the moment is to wait for the announcement for the very tight-lipped Apple. Kudos for always keeping your loyal users in their toes for the next big Apple product!

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