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8 Signs You Might Love Your Phone More Than Your Boyfriend

Let's Face It, Who Really Gives You More Love?

Lauren Messer
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8 Signs You Might Love Your Phone More Than Your Boyfriend© 2023 Pexels

It goes without saying that we live in a technologically driven era where our first world problems leave us addicted to mobile devices and WiFi. Though we can claim to value human connection and say that hanging out face-to-face is still the best of all social options, there comes a time when some of us just have to admit, we might like the digital version of life better than the real thing. Here are some signs that your relationship with your smartphone might be more legit than the one with your real life boyfriend.

1. Your phone has more pictures of you than your bf doesYour phone ends up with all of your practice selfies and the weird faces you made before you actually sent that pic to your boyfriend. It holds all of your memories from trips you've been on, sunsets you've seen and that pic of the guy that you thought really might have been Channing Tatum that one time at Starbucks. 

2. Your phone has physically made you late to a date - Scrolling, scrolling, like that, love that, oh wow, look where they went today...text message alert goes off, "Hey babe, I'm on my way." Oh, shit. Yeah, it's totally happened to you too. I don't know where the hours go when I'm on Instagram but time just magically disappears. 

3. You actually listen to your phone - When your screen lights up and you get a notification, you immediately pay attention and go check whatever Snap/Direct Message/Comment that's been posted.  Your bf has been yelling at you from the living room asking what you want for dinner for the past 10 minutes. Wait, how long has he actually been here?

4. It's seen you naked more times than your actual bf - Let's be real, that camera has seen more nudes of you than your current boyfriend. You were Snapchatting way before you settled down with your main squeeze now. 


5. Losing your phone is catastrophic - Losing your boyfriend, well... time to re-activate your Tinder profile and get to swiping! See, your phone is there for you when your boyfriend isn't anymore, literally.  

6. Emojis are so much easier than showing real emotions - The emoji pouty face is 10 times more adorable than yours or mine could ever be. Your guy might even think it's cute when you send the mad face in a message. And it's flirty to send the purple devil face when you're up to no good and ramping up for sexy time. But, make that face in real life when your guy comes over, and you can bet your boo will go running the other way. 😈 

7. It has its own place in your bed - Okay so a lot of people fall asleep with their phone at night. On its side of the bed. Tucked in and snuggled on its own pillow. 

8. Your phone is the last thing you tell goodnight - Yeah, you sent bae a goodnight text but then you started scrolling to wind down for the night. Or he might be next to you, snoozing away, so the only thing left for you to interact with is your phone. Goodnight sweet smart device and the magical world of social media and internet.  

In conclusion, sure your boyfriend is great, but loving your phone more is totally understandable. Hell, your phone might actually love you more back. Your boyfriend sent you a few sweet messages throughout the day, but your phone brought you love from all your social media platforms, helped you fix your hair using the front facing camera and even told you what time it was. Good luck boyfriends, because it's easier maintain a phone too. Keep it charged, and it will run all day for you. 😉

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