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8 Things Smartphones Have Made Much Less Awkward

In tough times like these we're glad we can always rely on our phones

Molly Holt
8 Things Smartphones Have Made Much Less Awkward© 2018 kjperreault - Flickr

Arriving to a social event early or trying to avoid acknowledging someone in public.Walking home alone.Going to the toilet.Having difficult conversations that require lots of thought and maybe conferring with your friends to make sure you're saying exactly the right thing.

When somebody will literally not stop talking. Just put them on speaker and scroll through your instagram feed while they ramble. Its ok, they’ll never know. Probably.When everyone is discussing something and you have no idea what it is. One sly google and you’ll have everyone convinced.Splitting the bill in restaurants. Dividing things when sober is hard enough, but after this bottle of wine you've got no chance.When you need to prove to the people that you hate that your life is better than theirs. Yeah, this instagram photo will show them how much fun you’re having.

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