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8 Things We Wish The iPhone 6 Could Do

It's missing out a few very important features...

Molly Holt
8 Things We Wish The iPhone 6 Could Do© 2018 David Blackwell - Flickr

Stop you from drunk texting.Tell you how attractive and funny you are when you realise your tweet/selfie has only got 3 likes. And one of those is your best friend so that doesn't even count.A 'spam' box for texts. Theres no disappointment quite like thinking you have a friend only to find that your message is just from the local pizza place.And while we're at it, maybe an automated text message reply telling people to leave us alone when we're hungover/trying to nap.Automatically photoshopping you to look the prettiest in photos. Group photos really are one of life's biggest struggles.Automatically generating the perfect clever comeback to everything and anything.Be able to sense awkward silences and ring you.Have a battery that keeps on going for a month. No, A YEAR.Yeah ok, now that one is just unrealistic.


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