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8 Things You Should Watch Online To Fall Asleep

These video recommendations can put you right to sleep better than counting sheep

8 Things You Should Watch Online To Fall Asleep© 2018 Pexels

All we want after a long day at work is a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately sometimes insomia just kicks in. But before you take a pill of Xanax, we recommend you try watching these videos online to help you fall asleep, naturally. See if you can make it through the end of our list.

  1. Cats, Dogs, Panda and More Cat Videos  

Watching these animal videos, which are entertainingly cute, can really put you to snooze too. Try watching a documentary of super cute animals, or the live cam trained Bei Bei. Not only will this help you fall asleep, it will also give you cute thoughts to dream of.

  1. Meditation

Meditation does not only help you clear your head, it also puts you to sleep. Luckily, there are YouTube meditation videos that will help you relax. Also, meditation requires you to close your eyes, which is also favorable!

  1. Nature Programs 

Perhaps you like watching movies or drama series on Netflix, who doesn’t? But you really shouldn’t watch these films before bed because all it will do to you is get you excited to watch the next episode, and then you’ll find yourself still awake at 3 A.M in the morning. We suggest watching nature programs such as endless archives of PBS’s Nature series, which will put you into deep slumber.

  1. Really, Really, Really Boring Videos

We fall asleep during math and science classes just because it’s boring. So why not watching something really boring to put yourself to sleep, purposely this time. A video of a 7-hour train ride should do the trick!

  1. Space Out, Literally

If you’re still awake then we have to try something that is out of this world, literally. Try watching silent images of the Earth taken from the Space Station. If you can’t get to sleep on your own bed, then maybe on another planet.

  1. Hypnotism

Hypnotism has helped a lot of people get aid mental illness, an addiction, and even insomnia. So why don't we try it? A cure for insomnia is progressive relaxation. Luckily, YouTube have videos that can walk you through the process with soothing vocals and visuals.

  1. Time-lapse Video

If you still can’t sleep, then try watching the grass grow. We’re not kidding. You’ll find gentle time-lapse videos on YouTube such as watching a 10-minute shots of paint drying, fire crackling or wind sweeping a beach on the channel 10minutesofyourlife.

  1. Drawing Videos

Have you tried watching someone draw mountains, flowers, and a sun into a canvas while talking in a very monotones voice? If not, then you should check ’80s PBS show The Joy of Painting. The host's hair is pretty wild and crazy, but his show is a visual tranquilizer. If this doesn’t put you to sleep, then better stick to counting sheep.

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