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9 Budget Laptops That Won't Blow Your College Funds

More booze and party funds for the average university student!

Roselle Jean Dancel
9 Budget Laptops That Won't Blow Your College Funds© 2023 Pixabay

This list may just save your life (and your money). Thankfully, there are a lot of mid-range quality laptops that can (1) save your money, (2) entertain, and (3) act as your personal companion through the sleepless days you’ll be spending in the university.

You wouldn’t have to worry about bumming from your roommate’s limited food supply just so you can afford booze during the next hottest party on campus. Here’s a list of the top 7 recommended laptops that every student should consider. Did I mention they’re all under a $500 dollar budget?

1. Dell Chromebook 11 - $350

This little powerhouse has a great balance of functionality and simplicity with its 4 GB RAM, Intel Core i3 processor and a 180-degree “lay flat” option to make reading documents or viewing movies a bit comfortable.


 2. HP Chromebook 14 - $250

This LTE-equipped laptop will keep you connected everywhere (if you subscribe to their data contract): helping you do last minute research for your Philosophy class, or simply checking out where the party’s at on Friday night.


 3. Lenovo G50 - $380

This all-black plastic chassis brings seriousness to the table with it’s sleek design and stellar hardware that doesn’t fail. You wouldn’t have to worry about your laptop crashing the morning of thesis submission. No one wants to see that.


 4. Acer Aspire E5 - $350

If you’re a Business major and looking for something more professional-looking, then this customizable laptop iron out and complete the businessman (or woman) look you want. It has a 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, and AMD A-Series chips that will make running presentations (for your future career) smooth and at ease.


 5. Asus Transformer Book T200 - $475

This versatile 2-in-1 option gives the functionality of a laptop you need for your stressful hours in class. But when you want to bring something handy that will capture all those stupid, priceless moments your friends will be having at the bar, leave the keyboard behind. It has multimedia functions that will allow you to edit your drunk videos and post it on Facebook to emotionally scar your friends.


6. Toshiba Chromebook 2 - $380

If you’re the multitasker-crammer student, and would want to play your games, run softwares and get your homework done all at the same time, this is a viable option; given its Chrome OS and long battery life.


7. Dell Inspiron 5000 - $480

The Inspiron comes with a reasonable price for the impressive hardware specs it comes with. You won’t have any worries with you laptop freezing whenever you have multiple applications and browser windows opened.


8. Acer TravelMate B - $380

If you can’t study in the dorm because of its deafening silence and white walls (if you do have white walls in your room), then you must be dying to finish schoolwork elsewhere. Just by the name itself, this Acer will be your travelmate. The quad-core Intel Celeron processor, touchscreen feature, and multiple connectivity options makes this an optimal choice for those who are love studying out.


9. HP Stream 13 - $230

This moneysaver has ample power with its 2 GB RAM and Intel Celeron processor - great for streaming movies and still having enough money to enjoy a case of beer with it.



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