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9 Cool, Unconventional Cameras

Nicole Billitz
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9 Cool, Unconventional Cameras© 2023 360Fly Camera

1. Tiny1

Still in development, the Tinymos startup is working on a prototype of a small aluminum-shell camera that is hoping to become the GoPro for stargazers. Because our phones aren’t readily equipped with high-end astrophotography technology just yet, the Tiny1 just might have a market for itself.

2. Lytro

This camera lets you re-focus the image even after you have taken the picture. The first camera to ever do this, and still one of the most high-tech cameras available, it’s true that now some of our smartphones can do this, but only a couple of very high-end flagships.

3. GoPro

Whether you want to put it on a drone or take it scuba diving, the GoPro is an incredibly rugged camera that can go just about anywhere with you. Capturing video and 8-megapixel stills, it’s a consumer favorite.

4. 360fly

The size of a tennis ball, it has a 240-degree vertical view and a 360-degree horizontal view. It’s an action camera that competes with GoPro, so it is waterproof and freezeproof, but what makes it better than GoPro is that you can edit and share the footage immediately. Even better, the next-generation will allow people to create virtual reality.

5. Panono

With 36 three-megapixel cameras built into it, you simply throw the ball into the air, and the sensors know when it has reached the most optimal height to take a photo. It then automatically fires the shutters at once, capturing a 108 megapixel, 360-degree panoramic shot.

6. 324 Scuba Mask

Made by Liquid Image, it can shoot HD video and 12-megapixel stills. Obviously, its made for the aquatic environment, but it would be pretty hilarious to show up to a party like that.

7. SC7000

For those trying to be extra-sneaky and extra-stealthy, this camera is completely waterproof, with a ⅓” Color SMOS Image Sensor and 720-pixel video resolution. It has up to 8 hours of continuous recording, and yes, it was intentionally shaped like a rock.

8. BC1025

It appears like a horrible jean jacket, and it is one. But it also has a CCTV camera hidden inside.

9. C1250C

Don’t be fooled by its cute and cuddly nature, this teddy is an extreme creeper. It has a built-in CCD camera for surveillance purposes.

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