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9 Cool ways to use a VPN that make your life easier

Why you should be using a VPN

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A VPN technology has established itself as one of the most reliable tools for secure and private Internet connection. Today not only large corporations but individual users as well are turning to VPNs to ensure their data is securely encrypted. However, with any emerging technology, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with new and untrustworthy VPN options. In this regard, it is extremely important to find the information on forums or look at the reviews like ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost to see the main difference between providers.

The primary purpose of any robust VPN is to ensure privacy and anonymity online. A VPN creates a secret tunnel, making a user’s IP address hidden from prying eyes. A VPN provider also encrypts user’s data by means of IKEv2, PPTP, OpenVPN or other protocols. The most advanced services use robust 256-bit encryption that can neither be cracked by hackers nor the fastest computer in the world.

However, the benefits of a VPN are far beyond mere privacy. There are a lot of everyday situations where a person can enjoy all advantages of a virtual private network.

1. Access your favorite streaming services when abroad

Nobody wants to miss an episode of a favorite TV show while traveling. However, a huge number of American streaming services restrict their content for other locations. One would be surprised to know how many countries are known for strict Internet censorship. In Asia, for example, some media websites and VoIP messengers are blocked as well. The content a person wants to access abroad may be blocked because of copyright agreements that vary from country to country. To watch the original programming of the BBC, Discovery Channel, etc., it’s needed to connect to a server that is located in a person’s home country.

2. Avoid price discrimination while shopping online

If you have ever bought stuff online, you might have noticed that many online shops have different prices for the same products. For example, the same shoes on a certain website could be lower for an Italian IP address than a German one. Moreover, sometimes online shops use tricky methods in order to get as much money as possible. Every time a user visits and closes the page with the desired good, the price for it rises. However, if you change an IP, the server will “think” you visit the page for the first time and the price won’t change.

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3. Save money when buying flight tickets or booking hotel rooms

This is possibly the most pleasant bonus of using a VPN. Some people might have already known that by clearing browsing cookies or using incognito mode, it’s possible to get rid of increasing prices on flights. However, this method doesn’t work perfectly. To save money on flight tickets, check different servers to see where the prices are lower. The same is for hotels, find out the server with the most reasonable price for booking a hotel room.

4. Secure WiFi Networks

The truth is public WiFi hotspots are often poorly secured. The information that is transferred through public Wi-Fi network is not encrypted therefore mobile devices are the most attractive targets for malefactors. Hackers are just looking for any vulnerabilities they can exploit. That’s why it’s extremely reckless to conduct financial transactions or check work inbox while sitting on your favorite café or a hotel room. However, a reliable VPN will encrypt your data and hide your personal information from prying eyes.

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5. Protect your online conversations

Not all VoIP messengers are secure and private, some of them are not difficult to hack. Moreover, governments and ISPs usually use it for eavesdropping. The fact that someone is able to listen or read your personal conversation doesn’t look right. As it was noted above, such services like Skype are usually blocked in highly-censored countries. It may become a serious problem for you to get in touch with your relatives, friends or colleagues from certain countries. So, combining a VPN with VoIP messenger you will not only bypass geo-blocking but protect the most private and sensitive data from monitoring. Besides, the price for the call depends on your location and where you’re calling. So, by choosing a server located in the country you’re calling, you can get instant access to cheaper VoIP calls.

6. Prevent bandwidth throttling

Have you ever thought why your YouTube videos keep buffering? It may happen even if you have more than a 10Mbps connection. Why? The answer is simple - your ISP is throttling your web traffic, resulting in slow Internet connection speed. This is especially true when you are doing such high-bandwidth activities like streaming videos, file sharing or playing games online. A VPN encrypts your traffic, making it invisible for your internet provider. And if your traffic is hidden, it can’t be controlled and slowed down as well.

7. Enjoy unlimited access to video games wherever you are

For certain reasons, video games manufacturers set different international release dates for different countries. Sometimes they even stagger limited features to specific geographic regions. As a result, a huge number of players all around the globe are unable to access the latest release and compete with their friends. Such issues can be easily solved by means of a reliable VPN with a wide server park. A VPN is also one of the best tools for creating a faux LAN. With the help of a VPN provider, a player can “convince” his computer that he and his friend use the same network.

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8. Hide your real location

It is dead easy to make yourself virtually at home with a trustworthy VPN while traveling. If you’re going to travel but don’t what your relatives, employees or coworkers know where you are, change your IP to a server located in your home country. It will also allow you to protect your private data from potential thieves, who usually target people on vacation as the most attractive victims.

9. Avoid monitoring and eavesdropping

These days it’s extremely vital to stay anonymous online. Every time you visit this or that website, the logs of your visit are kept. A webmaster can use Google Analytics or other tools to discover who you are and your interests on the Internet. Such agencies as the NSA and many others are constantly monitoring your shared and downloaded information. You cannot but agree that it isn’t right when your personal data can be easily revealed by any third-party. Unfortunately, today users’ privacy is put at risk but the problem still can be solved with the help of a VPN.

In spite of the fact that Virtual Private Network has become a fundamental necessity for staying safe online, the technology is widely used for some extra benefits. Today there is a wide choice of VPN services on the market. Of course, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. It is crucial to read a privacy policy of a VPN before paying for a provider. Remember that your activity on the Internet is nobody’s business but yours.

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Guest post by Dainan Gilmore

Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a data privacy advisor for bestvpnrating.com

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