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9 New Emoji We Soon Won’t Live Without

Unicode has added a huge number of new emoji: check out our favorites!

9 New Emoji We Soon Won’t Live Without© 2018 Flickr - Intel Free Press

While we are all busy buying stickers, we sometimes forget about the more mundane emoji which have come to represent our more basic emotions. But rather than vanish into obscurity, emoji have hit back with a massive list of 250 new icons, so new in fact they can’t even be shown in a browser. Below is a list of nine of our favourites.

1. Cloud and Tornado

The siren is sounding, you run for your shelter as the wind picks up, but not before messaging all your friends this emoji, just so they know how much trouble you're in.

2. Middle Finger

The ultimate expression of annoyance is now available in emoji form. Just don’t go using it too much or before long you won’t have anyone left to message.  

3. Skull and Crossbones

Be it browsing The Pirate Bay, or watching Pirates of the Caribbean, this is the perfect emoji for broadcasting all your pirate themed adventures. Especially useful for Pirate Party campaigns.

4. Victory Hand

Popularised during the Arab Spring, you too can now celebrate your imminent victory over your government with the new emoji.

5. Waving White Flag

On the other hand, on the battlefield and feel like giving up? Why not send the ‘waving white flag’ emoji to your enemies, and declare surrender?

6. Oil Drum

Worried about your cars reliance on oil? Or want to express your frustration about high oil prices? This is the emoji for you.

7. Derelict House

Enjou a bit of urban exploration, or want to rapidly communicate where you’ve been held hostage? Send your friends the delightful ‘derelict house’ emoji.

8. Dove of Peace

Fancy yourself a peacemaker? Tell your friends to give peace a chance with this cute ‘Dove of Peace’ emoji.

9. Empty Note Page

You’ve spent all day procrastinating, and have nothing written, but have still run out of things to waste time with? Then waste yet more time messaging this empty note page to everyone you know!

Interested in see the whole list? View all 250 new emoji here.


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