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9 Nokia Phones That I Used To Own (And You Probably Did Too)

Microsoft will be phasing out Nokia. Time to take a nostalgia trip.

Anne Parsons
9 Nokia Phones That I Used To Own (And You Probably Did Too)© 2019 Martin Abegglen - Flickr

When I read that Microsoft is planning to phase out the use of its Nokia brand in favour of Lumia, I got a little nostalgic. My very first phone was a Nokia - the standard 3210, and all of my Nokia phones since have kept me in good stead. Embarrassingly I had no idea I had so many Nokias until I started trying to remember for this blog post, and (eep) I’m pretty sure I’m even forgetting some.

I first got word that the Nokia brand will be dropped from Microsoft's upcoming holiday phone campaign, through an internal memo that was published on GeeksOnGadgets.

The document says, "as part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name from product references during the Holiday campaign."

Windows Phone will be called simply Windows, and Lumia used as the branding for particular models.

Microsoft bought over Nokia exactly one year ago for $7.2 billion, after its market share had been in decline since 2010.

Here are the standard (and plain weird) Nokia phones I’ve had over the years. Comment below on the ones you had.


Like millions of others, this was my first ever mobile phone. It arrived around Christmas 2000, and it was love at first missed call. 




For some reason this guy didn't last too long.


Don't ask. I still can't remember how I got my hands on this atrocity. This clunky brick might have been good for games, not that I cared. Nevertheless, I moved on swiftly - I think to another non-Nokia picture phone, as they used to be called.



I lost this phone after about a month of getting it, and I remember being pretty annoyed. It was a bit ostentatious (the fabric tag), but nothing really by today's standards. I had to revert to a cheaper model once this departed.


I can't exactly place a time on this phone, only I know I owned it at some point. Easy come, easy go.


This bricky slide phone was actually pretty great. I remember leaving it behind in a hostel when I was on a bike trip, and it was too late to go back for it once I realised.



This phone also stuck around for quite a bit - until the flip bit wasn't so snappy anymore. I even think I may have had two of these.


This is my standard 'spare' phone that I still have in a drawer somewhere. It's what I give to friends visiting.


I tentatively call this a 'smart' phone because it's pretty basic. I was given this phone by a friend when I moved countries and they wanted to help me out. I never quite got past figuring out how to unlock it, but don't tell them that. 

What Nokia phones were your favourites throughout the years? Comment below.

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