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9 Stupid Phone Models That Make You Go WTF

Why would you even create such a thing?

Roselle Jean Dancel
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There have been a lot of cool phones made in the past, even before the rise of the iPhone or Galaxy. Most of them were regular-looking ones, while others incorporated stylistic designs such as the flip, slide, or twist feature. However, do you remember those weird-looking phones that just made you turn around and go straight out of their store?

I bet there were a lot. Here's a list of some of those phones that put their developers to shame... phones that just make you go WTF:

Nokia 7600Nokia 7600.pngLook at this phone. I can't make anything out of it. It looks like a weird leaf and texting seems so inconvenient. You'd really have to work your way around it before you could even finish a text.

Nokia 7280Nokia 7280.jpgThis is what they call a "lipstick phone" given that its shape resembles one. It's simple, but has no keypad. It only has a navi-spinner; making messaging such a frustrating affair.

Motorola Flip OutMotorola Flipout.jpgI guess they made this because they literally wanted a "new twist" on messaging. It featured a swiveling QWERTY keypad. It's not that stupid, but the unusual-ness of this phone probably turned-off its customers.

Toshiba G450Toshiba G450 Phone.jpgIt looks like you're carrying a TV remote everywhere. I bet its own developers didn't find this at-all appealing. The layouting of the keypad...just didn't make any sense.

F88 Wrist PhoneF88 Wrist Phone.jpgThis looks like the fail version of the Apple Watch. It seems so forced. It's bulky, the keypads are awkwardly placed, and looks something straight out from the Power Rangers or Inspector Gadget.

Samsung SPH-N270 MatrixSamsung SPH-N270 Phone.jpgWould you believe that Samsung went through this? It's the Matrix... gone wrong. Suprisingly, a limited number was sold via Sprint. I'm just glad this "phone of the future" was discontinued.

Samsung SerenataSamsung Serenata.jpgThis phone was created with Bang & Olufsen, which was introduced in 2007. It offered nothing to act as a proper keypad (like the Nokia 7280). It didn't even have a camera. I wonder why they even thought of this.

Golden Buddha PhoneGolden Buddha Phone.jpgWho ever thought religion & technology would ever collaborate? Sadly though, it wasn't great This clam shell handset looks like the compact powder girls carry around.

ElfoidElfoid Phone.jpgThis was a concept phone developed to make phone communication "a bit more human". They really missed the point. It's like a little, really creepy faceless voodoo doll. Luckily, this never saw the light of day.

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