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A Bluetooth Tracking Device So Your Boss Knows Where You Are

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Anne Parsons
A Bluetooth Tracking Device So Your Boss Knows Where You Are© 2018 Jonathan Nalder Flickr

Someone, somewhere is trying to introduce a tracking system that keeps tabs on you in your office. Want to grab a coffee? Someone can see from their phone you are in the kitchen. In a meeting with someone? It’s clear to all you are in the conference room. With this system, you will be saying goodbye to to more than your sneaky cigarette.

Sam Dunn, the CEO and co-founder of Boston-based startup Robin, is part of the driving force behind this idea. He sees the office as the future as a place you effectively “log in” to, rather than merely walk in to. The company uses wireless sensors to make rooms aware of who is in them and to indicate to others where in the building they are, using an iBeacon device, and a smartphone.

Full Name, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile

This smartoffice could mean that when employees enter a room, the iBeacon wireless transmitter is alerted using Bluetooth LE. Then information about the person can be relayed to their colleagues - anything from their name, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, or dropbox folder. The information that they share can be modulated by the type of room they are in,depending on whether it’s a conference room or a kitchen.

This may all sound more than a little creepy, but the makers don’t think it will be too much of a major adjustment for people. Dunn told MIT Technology Review having a Robin persona and entering an office building is similar to having a Facebook profile and joining a Facebook group.


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