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A Dual-Screen Smartwatch?

Lenovo's Magic View Smartwatch is in the works

Julius Tabios
A Dual-Screen Smartwatch?© 2023 Lenovo

It works in viewing two applications at once.

Smartwatches are looking to be the next big thing. With all the major players looking to be part of the smorgasbord in the market it is a fascinating thing to behold. Apple, Google, and Apple are all in the mix so the competition in the market is tight for sure. Lenovo is looking to prove it belongs in that mix.

Lenovo announced the Magic View Smartwatch that features dual displays. It’s a zany idea that could work in viewing two applications at once I guess. View photos and videos simultaneously? YouTube and Facebook at the same time?

"The second screen — the virtual interactive display — removes the limitations from the physical dimensions of the main screen," Lenovo said in a press release. "It uses optical reflection to create a virtual image and allows users to see a virtual display more than 20 times larger than the watch face display."

With that Lenovo is likely banking on its larger displays and more ‘immersive, interactive’ experiences to stand out in the bunch. The secondary display screen will be used for map navigation, photo viewing, and videos. On the other hand the main screen will be used for notifications, and most other apps.

You will be able to flick your wrist to access the secondary display screen. That’s one of the plans at least.

It is still just a concept idea. It is fascinating to say the least. Lenovo is trying to think outside the box and my interest is piqued.  

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