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A New Facebook that Erases Itself After 24 hours

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Anne Parsons
A New Facebook that Erases Itself After 24 hours© 2018 Sobrr

What happens in Vegas, may just get to stay in Vegas after all thanks to a new app called Sobrr.

You can forgive the branding of this badly, bro-ishly named app, because it actually has tapped into something quite interesting in the realm of social media. On Sobrr, everything expires in 24 hours. Photos, messages, acquaintances. You get to reclaim your life and live it in the moment. You don’t have to live life thinking of the social media repercussions of your actions.

For years we’ve all been so hell-bent on weaving this intricate narrative tapestry on social media that has burrowed a hole into the collective consciousness. You are accountable for everything, good, bad, or indifferent. Nothing can be forgotten. Or the things that haven’t been ‘captured’ somehow don’t feel as real. This has become such a drag, the popularity of apps such as Snapchat is hardly surprising. They bring back the ephemerality of life, because life was never supposed to be a showreel in the first place.

With Sobrr, you can still use social media to have fun. Send pictures, comment, ‘cheer’ on your friends, send messages, or follow people as “24 hour friends”. And then move on.

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