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A New Robot Is About To Be Unveiled

Mysterious advert has got us counting down the days till September 4th

Molly Holt
A New Robot Is About To Be Unveiled© 2019 JD Hancock - Flickr

Dyson (yes, that British vacuum cleaner company) has released a new video teaser, cryptically showing off their biggest new project ‘N223’, which will be announced on September 4th. The video plays on an old Robocop movie scene, which uses the perspective of the wide-angle lens device itself to look around the room as people work around it, some quick bursts of schematic imagery, and then at the end it is turned on. The autonomous vacuum cleaners that are featured give us quite a clear idea of what the unveiling will entail (shocking, I know) but this time, it appears that there’s an exciting twist in store. Back in February, the company invested £5 million (over $8 million in US dollars) on robotic vision research, which it has been conducting alongside the Imperial College London. Before this, Dyson had also been involed in a 15 year project which studied systems that allow robotic devices to observe and analyse their surroundings (a clear advantage for a robotic vacuum to hold), as well as previously stating that it would not release a robotic vacuum cleaner until it had perfected the device. And it seems that day has finally come… Unless it turns out to be a robotic babysitter or butler instead of course.

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