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A Personal Drone Just For Selfies

Oh and it’s a wearable too...

Michael Cruickshank
A Personal Drone Just For Selfies© 2023 Facebook/Nixie

Selfies are a big deal. We get it already. Between the explosion of selfie apps, selfie sticks and selfie phones, there is little room for any more selfie ‘innovation’. But not everyone is so easily dissuaded. Some people want us to have our own personal photographer with us at arms reach at all times…

But in this case, we aren’t talking about a real person, we are talking about a drone. A small team has over the past few months been building Nixie: a personal drone which is designed for selfie photography. Controlled by a smartphone, it contains functions which allow for remote controlled as well as autonomous flight.

However, what makes this drone all the more interesting, is that it is designed as a wearable. The entire craft is made of flexible plastic, and curves around a user's wrist, much like a snap-bracelet. This makes it ideal for the kind of casual photography that has made selfies so popular to young people wishing to document their lives.

Just today this drone concept won the first prize in the Intel Make It Wearable competition, taking home a significant $500,000 in funding. Check it out in action in the video below!

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