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A Projector For Your Wrist

The new Ritot smartband forgoes a display, in favour of a projection.

Michael Cruickshank
A Projector For Your Wrist© 2018 Ritot

Wearables are exploding onto the tech scene this year, but as yet, no one really knows what device will be the first to hit the mainstream. One of the primary points of divergence between the different wearable devices on the market at the moment is the display. Many “fitness-tracking” wearables do away with a screen, in favour of physical buttons and smartphone integration, while other ‘smartwatch’ devices have a fully featured multi-touch digital display.

Within this dynamic comes the Ritot, a wearable device which opens up yet another way of dealing with display and device interactivity. Coming in the familiar form factor of a ‘band’ or ‘bracelet’, the Ritot comes inbuilt with a small projector which it uses to display data to the user. This projector, which Ritot claims can work in both day and night conditions, will show data on the back of a user’s hand.

The Ritot band will display the time as its primary function, with the projector being activated by either shaking your wrist, or pressing a small button on the side of the band. In addition, it will also sync with your smartphone to in order to display mobile notifications. Ritot has stated that their device will be able to display incoming call and message alerts, Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as other app push notifications.

Image: © 2014 Ritot

Functionality aside, it is also evident that Ritot has understood the fundamental rule of the wearable: people must want to wear it. To this aim, the company has put effort into designing the band as more than just a high-tech bangle, but also a unisex fashion accessory. This is evident in the snakeskin finish of the product, and its use of futuristic lines, and metallic colors.

Alongside the device is a separate wireless charging dock, which should making recharging the device a breeze. Not that this will be necessary often: the Ritot has a 165 hour battery life while in projection mode, and up to month in standby.  This charging station also links with the band to enable a user to change the colour of their on-hand projections. For now, the Ritot can project into up to 20 colors, so it should be easy to find one that suites your taste.   

Currently, Ritot is running an IndieGoGo campaign to finance the first run of production for these devices. By all accounts this has been very successful, with hundreds of thousands of dollars raised in a matter of days, easily surpassing the company’s funding threshold.  

Image: © 2014 Ritot

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