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A Search Engine For Hashtags!

Social media searching made simple

Michael Cruickshank
A Search Engine For Hashtags!© 2018 Hashtagr

Google is a great search engine for trawling data from websites and internet pages, however there is one area in which it does fare so well in. Presumably by design, Google does not prioritise tweets, social media updates, and shared image posts as part of its Page Rank when you search for a keyword.

Luckily, now a small team has come together to create a social search engine to fill this void. Hashtagr.co is a new search engine which utlises the powerful linking properties of the ‘hashtag’ in order to undertake searches of social media across multiple platforms. Users simply type a hashtag into a search bar, and Hashtagr will return all recent updates which have contained this tag.

The returns are displayed in easy to read and digest tiles, which fan out across the display. These tiles contain the information of the social media post, as well as any embedded images and video.  Clicking on the tiles will hyperlink the user to the original social media source. Currently, Hashtagr can display content from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ and Vine, with the origin of the tagged information displayed in the top right hand corner of a post tile.

Image: © 2014 Hashtagr

Of course, social media is being updated in real time, so it makes sense for a search engine which is taking info from these sites, to be also updated in real time. For this reason Hashtag also has a ‘Live Mode’ where once a search has been executed, its returns are updated and rearranged around the page in real time, in essence, creating a micro-feed of social media posts relevant to your chosen hashtag.

Such a search engine, has significant potential, as it fills a gap left by other major search players. By giving users the ability search only social media, they are able to find different kinds of data to what would be given by Google or Bing. In addition, such a tool is particularly useful to journalists who are always looking for information on breaking events, such as what is posted on social media.

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