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A Serious Problem With Samsung New Wearables

There's a slight catch

Molly Holt
A Serious Problem With Samsung New Wearables© 2018 Samsung

As the excitement of Samsung’s newest products hits the web, and we all begin working out which one we want to buy, or whether we will have to settle for the smartwatch instead of the virtual reality headset, you may be hit with a bit of a depressing realisation…You don’t just need them all, you actually need them all for them to work properly.

The Gear VR doesn’t work without the Note 4, and nor does the Gear S, but you don’t really want the Note 4 because the Note Edge is basically the same but with a curved screen… so maybe you’ll just have to get them all.

A clever marketing ploy - yes, but also quite annoying. And with one of Samsung’s biggest attractions (at least compared to Apple) being its competitive prices, they may have accidentally overlooked something quite important. (Or they’re predicting a big cash prize for most of us in the next month. Well it must be our turn to win the lottery soon).


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