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A 'Smart' Bike For Lazy People

Vanmoof takes the 'cycle' out of bicycle

Anne Parsons
A 'Smart' Bike For Lazy People© 2018 Vanmoof

What a fool I was to think the whole point of taking a bike to work was to get in a bit of exercise. I mean, seriously, why else would you bother?

Vanmoof, the Dutch bike company, is happy to take the 'cycle' out of 'bicycle' with its new e-bike, that propels you all the way to work with little effort on your part. Electric bikes have been around for over a century, but Vanmoof have hyped its commuter bike to be the "world’s first intelligent bike."

Vanmoof says its bike "takes you around town faster and in comfort, allowing you to save your energy for more important matters" - eating doughnuts, presumably. 

Don't get me wrong - the bike looks stylish and there is a built-in GPS tracking which lets you find the bike if it’s lost or stolen. 

Coming in at around $3,000, it's pricy enough. Another few grand you could get yourself a segway.


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