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A Social Network For The 1%

Like Facebook, but more pretentious…

Michael Cruickshank
A Social Network For The 1%© 2018 Netropolitan

Ever thought that Facebook was just too full of poor people? Ever been frustrated by having ‘lower-class’ citizens follow you on Twitter? Hate being reminded of the fact that not everybody is rich on Instagram? Well now there is a social network tailor-made just for you. This is, if you can afford the entry fee…

Netropolitan is a social network created for people who have “more money than time”. In effect, it is a social network created just for the rich 1%. Billing itself as a sort-of ultra-exclusive online country club, Netropolitan forces its users to cough up a massive $9000 in order to join the network, and then a further $3000 per year to maintain their membership.

And what do you get for this huge amount of money? Something that for all intents and purposes represents Facebook without ads. Users create profile pages, share status updates, as well as communicate with each other through private messaging. In addition, they can form groups to discuss whatever rich people discuss when they form groups (maybe how to avoid poor people?).

Image: © 2014 Netropolitan

The only added feature of this network is that it is completely private. Unlike Facebook which seeks to hold onto as much of your data as possible and then sell it to the highest bidder, Netropolitan seeks to keep all of its data secure. Pages are not indexed by Google or other search engines, and all private communications are encrypted. As well, the site is constantly moderated by Netropolitan employees, perhaps to make sure that its users ‘stay classy’.

Does the world need Netropolitan? No. Is there a market for this kind of service? Sadly yes. There are a large number of the ultra-rich who would like nothing more than to separate themselves from the public, even in their digital communications. In the end, the high cost of entry might serve to make the site more attractive for these people than a lower priced option.


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